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Our online dating site is the best spot to choose Russian women who are ready to marry the foreigner. Our online webservice also allows you to choose among thousands of girls who want to make you a pleasant company any time. Register on our website for free. Join now and make sure your dream of marrying or dating Russian women comes true. We have developed rapidly growing database which includes thousands of single Russian women. The goal of our website is to keep singles in touch with each other. Regardless of what is your age, your occupation, your country of origin, we can guarantee that you will find a Russian woman who is matching all your preferences.

3 Reasons Why Russian Women Want To Leave Russia

Choosing Russian women for marriage

If you have decided to share your life with a beautiful Russian woman, you are on the right path to the most wonderful journey in your life. Discovering Russian woman is like opening a treasure trove of incalculable value. Dazzling beauty of Russian women has been a source of many legends as well as real life success stories. Rejoice your discoveries as Russian girls will always satisfy men of most sophisticated tastes.

Six reasons Russian women are popular

* Women from Slavic countries are famous for their perfect physical shape. There are thousands of world class models of Russian origins championing podiums all over the world. Physically fit by nature, body of Russian Bride will never be out of shape * Russian women are into inner, emotional life. Any Russian woman leads enigmatic inner life and prefers discovering new emotional and sensual landscapes in them and in their partners, rather than striving for career, money and social status. That quality makes Russian Bride stand out of the other world-class beauties. You can be sure that when Russian woman finds a man who she can rely on, you will be subjected to a beautiful journey into the realm of senses * Russian woman can take care of a household. If you are thinking of engaging in long-term relationship and looking for a decent partner to keep you household clean, your children being taken care of and all your things in order, then Russians have to be women of your choice. Traditionally family-bound, Russian personals have been excellent householders for ages * Russian women can cook like first class chefs. Except sexual satisfaction Russian Bride will satisfy your most intricate taste in food * Russian women are well-read and intelligent. You can discuss any subject with Russian woman - from politics to modern art. Russians are well-educated and are eager to discover new cultures. They would love to speak your language, especially if this is a romantic language

Our online dating webservice guarantees

Every subscriber to our online dating website is being checked by moderators. Subscribers have to reach age of 18 to use our webservice. However, moderators cannot possibly check the actual age of users and cannot guarantee that any person is of proper age. Please inform moderators of this site if you suspect any person you are communicating is being underaged. Please inform security service of our website if you suspect any scamming or otherwise illegal activity on our online dating website.


This site is created to bring a positive experience to users. Subscribers misusing this webservice are reported by administration to the police. Professional scammers are often misuse public legal services working under fake profiles and demanding money from unsuspecting subscribers. Methods of scamming may vary and include writing generic messages, being elusive, being contradictive, asking you a lot of details without disclosing her details, telling you that she is in love with you, convincing you to send her money because she doesn’t have money for ticket/ her parents are ill/ she wants to make sure you love her, etc. Use common sense to prevent being scammed.