Women from Donetsk

Information about city of Donetsk, Ukraine

Donetsk is a megalopolis in the Central Ukraine with population around one million citizens. It is an established industrial and mining center of Ukraine with a large chain of functioning coal mines. Donetsk is considered an unofficial capital of Donetsk basin - huge territory in the Central Ukraine. Welsh businessman built the steel factory in the 19th century that later had transformed into the city Donetsk. Donetsk holds one of the leading Ukraine universities as well as several specialized educational and research centers. Donetsk, being a bilingual city (every citizen can speak both Russian and Ukrainian fluently,) has a tendency to be more Russian-speaking nowadays.

Description of a woman from Donetsk

Donetsk girls combine astonishing appearance with intelligence. You can rarely find a combination of brains and looks in Western women as you can find in Ukrainians. However, women from Donetsk strongly believe in signs of fate and destiny and in the “knight in the shining armor,” appearing from somewhere and taking her what she is. They are willing to wait for somebody who could be worth their beauty and intelligence. Donetsk girls, like most Ukrainians, are very musical by nature and love to spend their time listening to music at home or going to concerts and shows. They are endowed with unique voice that in combination with sensitive ear allows them to perform Ukrainian and Russian traditional songs without a professional training.


What type of man Donetsk women are looking for

Donetsk girls would be delighted if a man they spend their time with would share all their daily routines and ordinary little things. They would appreciate if you made a shopping with them, visited their parents, and cooked a dinner together.

Present your Ukrainian bride with a European tour to Vienna or Amsterdam. There is nothing more funny and educational than travelling and Donetsk bride would appreciate your gift. Other gifts Donetsk girls like include perfumes, souvenirs from far-away countries and good editions of classical literature.

Mention in your conversation with the girl from Donetsk a couple of interesting facts about her native city to make her appreciate you:

  • Donetsk is known as a “city of a million roses” because roses are ever-present in the gardens and yards of Donetsk due to the city policy established in the middle of a last century
  • Slagheaps or “terricony” is another distinguishing mark of the city of Donetsk. There are around one hundred slagheaps situated on the territory of Donetsk. Usual sight for locals, they never seize to surprise visitors of the city
  • Ukraine’s deepest coalmines are situated in Donetsk. Some of them reach down as low as 1200 kilometers. There is a labyrinth of connected mines underground with total length around 2000 kilometers
  • Famous Donetsk Drive-In theatre is the largest one of a kind in Europe. With a size of a screen of 242 square meters it attracts hundreds of viewers every day
  • The biggest artificial Velikoanadolsky forest in Ukraine is situated nearby the city of Donetsk. The size of the forest is 2500 hectares. The beautiful lake with healing minerals is situated on the territory of the forest

Famous people who were born and raised in Donetsk:

  • Nikita Khruschev, Prime minister and Leader of the Soviet Union in 1953–1964
  • Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest businessman, No. 47 in Forbes' The World's Billionaires.
  • Emma Andishevska, Ukrainian poetess.
  • Fiodor Berezin, notable Russian-language science fiction writer.
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