Women from Chisinau

General information about city of Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau is the capital of modern Moldova and its administrative, cultural, political and scientific center. The city of Chisinau is situated on the seven hills around river Byk.

Moldova is famous for its wine industry. Moldavian wine is recognized on a par with best Italian and French wines. Situated in central Europe, Chisinau is a rapidly developing multicultural city that is absorbing modern European achievements in city planning and developing.

Description of the woman from Chisinau

Girls and women from Moldova are taking a very good care of their looks. They make sure they make the best of their apparel even in ordinary circumstances. Moldavian traditional garments are of intricate design and of lustrous colors. Meet Chisinau ladies like to wear boots with studs, platforms or just high heels. Women of Chisinau manage achieve such a stunning look that every one of them looks like she has just visited beauty salon. Charmingly swarthy, with a perfect raw of white teeth Moldavian girls possess natural ever-blooming handsomeness.

The attitude towards marriage

Girls from Chisinau traditionally prefer to marry a man and have a family at the relatively early age. Most girls find their future husbands around the age of twenty to ensure healthy kids and steady family life. Global feminism has spread out to Moldova, but not to the extent of the most European countries. Despite geographical location of Moldova, which is a very center of Europe right next to Germany and Italy, Moldavian women are still pretty conservative when it comes to marriage issues.

Most women from Chisenau are excellent cooks. They are able to prepare wide range of delicious dishes – from the catalogue of traditional Moldavian cuisine to the variety of delicatessens from neighborhood countries. Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian dishes are traditionally being served in Chisinau restaurants and households. Moldavians love to eat well and drink well and you will not forget the evening spent in the restaurants of Chisinau. You will be surprised how low the prices in the restaurants are.

Qualities of women from Chisinau

Women from Chisinau are very hospitable and kind to strangers. They are communicative, understanding and hard-working. You will never meet a lazy Moldovian girl, all of them are striving to make most of their life diligently studying at universities and working hard.


What type of man Chisinau women are looking for

Women from Chisinau prefer simple, straightforward and honest men with a homey touch to them. They appreciate when men are coarse, direct and powerful, those qualities signify that men are able to take care of the family. Being curious and willing to learn new cultures and languages, Moldavian girls are often engaged in romances and long-term relationships with foreigners.

Mention in your conversation with the girl from Chisinau a couple of interesting facts about her native city to make her appreciate you.

  • First mentions of the town of Chisinau are dated back in Fifteenth century
  • The oldest building in Chisinau is 236 years old. It’s the Mazarakievskiy Cathedral
  • The design arc of Triumph in Chisinau is based on the design of Arc of Triumph in Rome, Italy
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  • The oldest stature is dedicated to famous Russian poet Aleksander Pushkin, whose life is strongly tied with Chisinau and Moldova
  • Famous people that was born and raised in Chisinau include renowned architect Aleksei Schusev, famous American motion picture director Lewis Milestone, Israeli politician and human rights activist Avigdor Liberman and notable Soviet actress Irina Chernechenko
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