Women from Kyiv

Information about city of Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and the largest city in the country. With population around three million people Kyiv is one of the largest European cities as well. Kyiv is a modern, rapidly growing megalopolis with well-established hi-tech industries, solid educational institutes and enormous variety of cultural attractions. Kyiv is as defined as Paris in terms of historical and cultural significance in Russian, Ukrainian and world culture in general. The city of Kyiv possesses all the features of modern urban infrastructure system with the international airport, well-spread metro chain and otherwise organized city transit systems. Kyiv is predominantly populated by Ukrainians. There are more than one hundred other different ethnic groups represented in the city. Kyiv administration takes good care of historically important architecture ensembles that date sometimes hundreds years back. Two of the most known architecture units as well as two important tourist attractions are St. Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. City of Kyiv draws thousands tourists daily from all over the world. Everybody can find something in the diverse modern life of Kyiv to satisfy curiosity, most exquisite taste in arts. Ukrainians living in the city are hospitable, kind and understanding people.

Description of the woman from Kyiv

A lot of Kyiv women are originally from smaller cities and provinces of Ukraine. Aware of the luxurious life of modern European capital’s social and business life, they are active, curious, career-seeking and striving for proper relationships.

Pride and sometimes, desperation, makes Kyiv women outdo men in any activities, achievements and even political careers. No wonder the first woman who has become a president of the country in the history of former Soviet republics was charismatic Julia Timoshenko from Ukraine.

Ukrainian girls are not only naturally beautiful with hotshot bodily shapes, healthy long hair, thin features and sultry eyes, they also spend a lot of time and money in taking care of their beauty with a help of fitness, cosmetics, hairdressers and make – up artists. Kyiv girls prefer to look neat but humble and rarely wear expensive jewelry, haute couture dresses and branded bags, like Moscow girls tend to do. The main asset of the Ukrainian bride is her delicate taste and natural charm. There is always something you can discuss with Kyiv girl, from politics to avant-garde theatre. Time spent with Ukrainian girl will be a cultural experience as well as a dating one. They aware of the feminism, but take it milder than most of the Western women do. At least you can rarely find a woman in Kyiv who would be bitching about other women or who would be explicitly humiliating men. Younger generations of Kyiv women are speaking advanced English.

What type of man Kyiv women are looking for

Kyiv women are tolerant, but they like to test and tease men for being a real gentleman who is worth spending romantic time with. For Ukrainian women from big cities such as Kyiv, there is a little problem to find a decent man. They will opt for the man who exudes high self-esteem, high social status, who is intelligent and has a sense of humor. Ukrainian women tend to sympathize with artists, painters and idle dreamers as well. Any gentleman can find a wife in Kyiv and convince her to share happiness with him in his native country. A lot of Ukrainian women are not satisfied with the life in Ukraine, regardless of the city they live in. They feel unprotected and disillusioned with Ukrainian state of things in general.

Women from Kyiv

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