Women from Lugansk

Women from Lugansk

Information about city of Lugansk, Ukraine

Lugansk is the city in Eastern Ukraine. Like many Eastern Ukrainian cities, Lugansk is predominantly Russian-speaking, though majority of the population is bilingual and can speak Ukrainian as well. The history of the city of Lugansk started back in 1795 when British industrialists founded steel factory on the place of modern Lugansk. Since then Lugansk remains an important industrial center of Ukraine.

Description of the woman from Lugansk

Lugansk is a sports capital of Ukraine. Specialized schools and sports-educational centers actively promote physical activities and engage girls in sport activities at the very early age. Don’t be surprised if you meet a woman on the streets of Lugansk who is not only perfectly shaped and healthy-looking, but holds one or two world prizes in sports. Most of the women from Lugansk speak English on a decent level, they keen on absorbing foreign cultures, learn foreign languages and travel abroad. If you have met a woman from Lugansk on online dating website, teach her special romantic words you use in your native language and she would appreciate you for broadening her horizons. Many Lugansk women are looking for a husband abroad. Among many other reasons they want to find a well-cultured, educated man to create a family, they strive for bigger salaries and better conditions of life abroad. Ecology, quality of food and water, service are believed to better in Western countries than in Ukraine. Being strongly family-tied, Lugansk women are willing to become mothers starting at age 20. It is often a case that Lugansk women who have children already and are divorced, still looking for new husband elsewhere to create a healthy environment for their family. Being naturally attractive like most Russian and Ukrainian women, Lugansk women of all ages can make happy any man regardless of his age, native language, background and traditions.

What type of man Lugansk women are looking for

Lugansk women are looking for steady long-term personal relationships with men. Regardless of how well your communications progressed online, the crucial exam is the first meeting with a woman from Lugansk in real life. Being a bit on a conservative side, Lugansk women appreciate clean, neatly dressed, well-groomed men. You have to engage her in an interesting conversation in order for a romantic date to progress smoothly. Prepare nice gift for a Lugansk woman. Do not go for too expensive gifts from the start. While all Ukrainian and Slavic women in general, like to receive precious gifts, in the beginning of the romantic relationships they prefer to have modest presents. They might be overwhelmed and feel uncomfortable if you present her new car or expensive jewelry.


Mention in your conversation with the girl from Lugansk a couple of interesting facts about her native city to make her appreciate you:

- During Soviet years Lugansk was renamed as Voroshilovograd and got his name back in 1991

- Lugansk is a well-known sports center of former USSR and modern Ukraine. The number of Olympic champions and soccer stars was raised and bred in Lugansk special sports institutions. Among them Sergey Bubka, pole vaulter, several times Olympic winner and world record holder; Ukrainian swimmer Andrey Sordinov; soccer players Sergey Semak and Victor Onopko and sprinter Elizaveta Bryzhina

- Among other notable people who were born and raised in Lugansk are legendary Soviet military commander Kliment Voroshilov and most popular Soviet songwriter Mihail Matusovskiy