Women from Odessa


Information about city of Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa is a water port on the South of. Odessa has become an important seaport and transportation center in Eastern Europe due to its unique location on the shores of the beautiful Black Sea. Trip to Odessa is as promising as trip to any major port city (think of Barcelona, Marseille, Amsterdam or San-Francisco.) Fancy a journey into an enigmatic world of legendary city where nothing goes the way sensible people could have imagined, there are plenty of alluring opportunities, women are hot and passion is overflowing the dense atmosphere in the streets of the city. Odessa is the third largest city in the Ukraine.

Description of the woman from Odessa

Each man can find a woman in Odessa that suits his taste. There are enticing blondes and swarthy brunets, slim South Ukrainian beauties and sultry mixed-blooded models – seems like every type of a woman can be seen in the port of Odessa. Odessa women are simple, but not simplistic. They are emotionally complex individuals, who can reach with their natural poetic sense deepest emotional layers in humans. Odessa girls are famous for established traditions of hospitality and welcoming strangers from all over the world. Ask a woman from Odessa to tell her story of her life and you will be taken in by sometimes astonishing details of past Soviet-era or modern Ukraine’s history.

What type of man Odessa women are looking for

Odessa women are highly cultivated and do not like bad-mannered, arrogant men. They wouldn’t welcome those foreigners who project a “superiority” attitude. Men should respect Odessa’s unique cultural landscape, customs and traditions, however strange they may appear at first glance. They like imaginative and artistic men. If you are an artist, singer, painter, filmmaker or just fancy to become one of those, Odessa women would welcome you. When you engage with a girl from Odessa in conversation via online dating webservice, suggest her writing a romance together or send her your own poetry. They would appreciate your sense of the importance of romance and ability to come up with original ideas in courting women.

Where to go in Odessa:

- Invite your Ukrainian bride to the beautiful City Garden of Odessa which provides visitors with fresh air and cozy atmosphere for romantic walks

-Consider taking a walk along the Odessa pier with your Ukrainian Bride. Warm Black Sea breeze and South-European atmosphere are good prerequisites for a successful romantic evening

- Visit one of the cafes and restaurants in the historical part of the city or along the pier. Ukrainian restaurants are famous for cheap and high-quality food, seafood in particular


Mention in your conversation with the girl from Odessa a couple of interesting facts about her native city to show how you appreciate it:

- City of Odessa deserved a byname of “Odessa-mama” (Mother Odessa).

- Famous “Odessa steps” staircase was used in production of one the most important films in the history of the world cinema: “Battleship Potemkin” by director Sergei Eisenstein

- Main street in Odessa today bears the name of the Genral Jose de Ribas, military commander from Spain who was under contract serving Russian Empire in 18th century

- Famous people who were born and raised in Odessa include: great Russian-Soviet poet Anna Ahmatova; famous bitter satirical Soviet writer Isaak Babel, whose series of short stories are set in Odessa; world-renowned duo of satirists Ilya Ilf and Eugene Petrov, creators of an archetypal mischievous adventurer Ostap Bender; Jury Olesha, notable novelist and playwright

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